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July 26, 2017 top stories
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Former Perry buildings
sold to Orford man

BRADFORD—The Main Street buildings anchoring Bradford’s business district that until recently served as the headquarters for Perry’s Oil were sold at auction on Friday morning to Stacey Thomson of Orford.
An hour before the auction began, the auctioneer Eric Nathan, was picking up a coffee at the Local Buzz as he prepared to conduct the sale. Owner of his own auction and real estate firm based in Manchester, Vermont, Nathan said he believed property needed someone to “repurpose it.”
“I see it as probably mixed use,” he continued. “It could be a lot of things today. This is a very unique property; there are really three buildings for sale.”

Discussions underway
to resolve sewer dispute

WOODSVILLE—The ongoing dispute between two neighboring towns almost reached a critical vote in New Hampshire that would have cut Wells River off from Woodsville sewer service. Now, over a month after Woodsville formally announced their intent to vote to discontinue service, both sides have pivoted and are cautiously optimistic as they work towards an amicable resolution.
“We’re sitting down and talking,” Bill Schilke, a trustee for Wells River Village, told the Journal Opinion. “We still have a few technical things to go over.”
In a separate interview, Woodsville Precinct Commissioner Richard Guy said that the two parties met on June 28, with the lawyer for Wells River facilitating..

This week's featured photo
Groton man rolls
with his rock

GROTON—Three years ago, Groton resident and retired computer engineer John Gordon was mowing grass around a protruding rock on his property.
As he had many times before, he wondered about the real size of the unyielding mass. It was not something easily dislodged with a kick or even with a shovel, so he determined to find out just how big the rock actually was.
After three days’ work with a backhoe, Gordon’s excavation successfully revealed a 5 foot high, 6 foot wide, and 13 foot long chunk of granite. The rock was too big to be a lawn ornament, but the object stirred Gordon’s inventive mind as to what he might do with it.

Second officer
set to leave HPD

heels of Haverhill Police Chief Byron Charles’ retirement, the second in command, Det. Sgt. Wally Trott, will retire from the town’s police department at the end of August.
A few weeks ago Charles announced he would retire on Aug. 16, but leave on Aug. 4 to use up remaining vacation time. On Monday night, Charles said he would now be leaving on July 28.

BUILDING AUCTION—A small crowd gathered on Main Street in Bradford last week for the auction of the former Perry’s Oil properties in the downtown. Auctioneer Eric Nathan is at right. The winning bidder, Stacey Thomson (arms crossed) is also in the group.


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