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April 27, 2016 top stories
Fire destroys Benton home

BENTON—A devastating, fast moving fire on Howe Hill Road sent three people to the hospital, killed several pets and destroyed a home early Sunday morning.

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Woodsville man arrested for kidnapping, assault

RYEGATE—A Woodsville man has been accused of a brutal attack on a woman in Vermont.
Michael Glynn, 23, was arrested on April 25 after the alleged assault occurred at the sand pit in South Ryegate the previous day.

Three people narrowly escaped a devastating fire that swept through this Benton home on Sunday morning. They were all taken to Cottage Hospital for treatment with one suffering serious injuries. Several pets were believed to have been killed in the fire.


Train strikes car in Bradford

BRADFORD—A Newbury man and his passenger were lucky to escape any injuries after a car they were traveling in was struck by a train on an agricultural fields service road on the Lower Plain on Monday.

A North Haverhill man was taken to the hospital after this rollover on Route 10 bewteen Black Hill Road and River Road on Friday. Just after noon, Piermont Police along with several units of Piermont Fire and Rescue and Upper Valley Ambulance responded to the scene. Matthew Strickland, 27, was transported to Cottage Hospital and was later released. Strickland was subsequently arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was taken to the Grafton County jail where bail was set at $3,000 and an appearance in Haverhill District Court on May 10. Based on an alleged probation violation, Strickland’s probation officer had him held at the jail. It appears that speed also was a factor in the accident. Lavoie’s Auto was called to tow the vehicle. The roadway remained open but was limited to one lane of travel while responders were on scene.


In Times Past
—Sheep mania: Boom and bust—
DORSET HORN—This ewe is one of 650 animals in a flock belonging to Ben Machin and Grace Bowmer, owners of Corinth’s Tamarack Tunis Farm. The flock is the largest in the area and is reminiscent of the ones that blanketed local meadows during the 19th century.


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